Teaching Methodologies

Playschool teaching methodologies adopted by various Play-schools differs. Few of methodologies used in practice are below:

  1. Reggio Emilia Approach
  2. Montessori Approach
  3. Progressive Education
  4. Multiple Intelligence
  5. Playway Method
  6. Holistic Approach
  7. Waldorf Approach
  8. Others

Teaching methodology or curriculum is very important in a play-school. Specialized systems of teaching such as Montessori have formed the basis for many a preschool for decades. In recent times, newer systems and philosophies like the Reggio approach and multiple intelligence mapping have also been incorporated into the curriculum for children up to 6 years.

Which methodology to chose

The main objectives of preschool education is the overall development of child. It should make child start feeling confident about himself, enjoy learning, ability to take simple decisions, do creative tasks, find interests in various activities, etc. All the methods are good to be able to achieve these objectives, if implemented competently. E.g. some may argue Montessori‘s approach seems a bit rigid but a good trained teacher, can innovate even within the given guidelines. The potential problem area is when a play-school adopts the name of a proven methodology following the structure blindly and without proper training. It could result in a process which is aimless as well as repetitive. It doesn’t challenge either the instructor or the student.

While choosing a preschool, parents should try to find out about the implementation of the teaching methodology. It doesn’t matter much on methodology adopted, if its one system or a combinations of many. It matters more on if the instructors are well trained and methodology are implemented as expected.The most important thing is maintaining a good mix of structure, flexibility and creativity that makes learning joyful for the child as well as overall development.


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