Education : The Most Powerful Weapon

“Education is the most POWERFUL WEAPON which we can use to CHANGE THE WORLD.” – Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon in the world; People assume education is schooling, graduation and job guarantee, the fact is way beyond that.
Last week in most of the social media parents were discussing about good-safe schools, syllabus extra curricular actives and much more; but none of them have thought what type of education does the child need. Every parent should understand what kind of learning is required for a child. Education doesn’t mean a good schooling, scoring good marks, settling in life with a good job. Education is which teaches to be kind, tells difference between right & wrong and helps to tone correct attitude making us a better human being.
Is this type of education being imparted these days. Why schools only are we parents imparting this basic education to our kidz?
An unfortunate incident that happened recently might happen anywhere on the earth to anyone. But blaming the society, culprits, our parliament and on top of it our national leaders will not reap any result. Results can be seen in deeds not in words. Today we will fight for punishing one culprit but tomorrow maybe 10 more would be born. Our fight is and should always be for stricter laws for our safety which should be implemented properly without numerous visits to police station and courts.
We need “A law” which should shake the culprits before they think about the crime. A law to punish the culprit immediately after medical examination of the victim, without any court trials. A law which is same regardless of a king or a pauper.
Schools these days will send out a letter to parents informing them that they’re teaching good and bad touch to kids in school and make news for some time for such a good approach. But is that enough? Being a parent are you satisfied with this approach and do you really think this is what it has to be? I am a mother and no matter I have a boy or a girl, no one is safe. When we being adults are not safe in today’s society in our own house, then how do we expect and ensure our kids are safe.The answer lies in our education system which has to change their approach towards children; we should focus more on interpersonal skills and analogy of right and wrong attitude. Gratitude should be part of the children nature, these elements are important for any growing child.
Most of the schools are missing child psychology counseling in Indian education system. Neither child psychology nor psychology has made an impact in the main stream education system as mandatory subjects.
But what is our work as parents, School Owners, as citizens of this country? It is to make them aware of interpersonal skills and do activities which makes kids use their common sense in a right way, to teach them about the mental trauma a victim undergoes when an unfortunate incident happens and to understand someone else pain and be supportive.
These things might sound just another piece of news, but when we make them as a practice in our daily life for our children and young youth, we can dodge crimes in India. Off late Rape has been a bad trend. We all need to raise our voice and stop this unkindness which is running fast in the society. Think about it and let’s educate our kids who are this country’s future a right attitude to be a good human being.


Guest post by :

Ash Singh

Founder Director

Creative Kidz, Bangalore

Creative Kidz


(DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.)

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