Bodhi School,Pettah ,Trivandrum ,Kerala

Pre School Name: Bodhi School,Pettah ,Trivandrum

Address: PRRAP- 21
Puthen Road, Pettah
Trivandrum, Pincode: 695024
Kerala, India.

Contact Number: 9388709700 / 9388709701 / 0471 2465070

Contact Person:


Branches: Pettah

Location: Trivandrum

Teaching Methodology:

More Information: he name ‘Bodhi’ reminds one of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment attained under the famous Bodhi tree. We at Bodhi strive to empower young minds through our perseverance in motivating and rearing great achievers.

Bodhi also signifies the life of a human. A sapling grows into a well rooted, strong and giving tree if it receives good care and favourable environment while growing up. We work towards giving our children a nourishing environment in their early years so they grow into strong and smart individuals who have a large heart to give back to the society and lead the way for the next generation.

To apply, please visit Bodhi office to ensure your child meets the eligibility requirements for their respective class. Finalized enrolment will be made only after students have met the eligibility and been accepted by Bodhi. You will then fill Application form and submit it with fees to confirm enrollment in Bodhi.

All applications for enrolment are accepted without regard to ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin.

The school automatically enrolls current students who have paid admission fee for the following year after the school has determined and discussed with the parent that there is a compatible placement available. All admissions are subject to comportment and academic performance. Accounts must be in good standing to qualify for re-enrolment.

Children as young as 2 years and 6 months old as of June 1st, who are fully toilet trained and who can communicate their needs are eligible for our foundation stage programs.

To be considered for entrance into KG Prep I, children must be at least 3.5 years old by June 1st. To be considered for entrance into KG Prep II, children must be at least 4.5 years old by June 1st. Admissions to KG Prep I and II will be confirmed enrolment after assessment only.

To be considered for entrance into Grade I, children must be at least 5.5 years old by June 1st. They will be confirmed enrolment after assessment only.

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